Thursday, February 24, 2011

What day is it?

You would think that since I'm a stay at home mama, without a work week to mark my days by I wouldn't be so thrown off by a silly thing like Presidents day.  Well when I sat down to type this post I was all ready to blast out a WIP Wednesday Post about my Single Girl piecing but what do you know?  

Its turns out its Thursday.  

So what shall we do?

Things That Are Done Thursday?  

We'll just go with it and pretend it was all planned out anyway.  Who knows, maybe it will stick?

The other day I showed off a little of my work in progress, the hexie snuggler. 

 And last night I finished her up and today she's all packaged up and ready to head off to 
Mississippi to baby Claire.  
(am I the only one who still has to do the M-i-s-s-I-s-s-I-pp-I chanty thing when I spell Mississippi? 
 Or I spell it wrong?)
Claire's mama was one of my dear college roomies and her favorite color was red.  Maybe it still is?  Whenever I think of her mom I always think of bright colors.  Like those pretty painted earthenware plates you buy in Mexico.  And parrots.  
Anyway, the long and the short is that I felt compelled, no driven to have Claire's snuggler red.  And since its creation coincided with my intruduction to my new love of hexigons, we ended up with this little bumble bee motif.
I carried it around all day in my bag yesterday and kept catching glimpses of it and all its bright colors would give my heart a happy little jump.  I guess that's one (of the many) things her mama and I have had in common.  
We love bright colors.

So there you go baby Claire!  Its on its way!  I wish I could deliver it in person!


  1. Oh my goodness. It is absolutely perfect! I can't wait to do a photo shoot with the babe and her snuggler. She will LOVE it. And you're right about those bright colors. I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS. It's perfect.


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