Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nanahood Guest Postage

Good morning friends!

Today I've got a guest post over at Nanahood.com about my grandma quilts I made a few weeks ago so head over and check it out!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Finished It Up Friday {#12}

Hello!  As promised, we're back!  For my own Finished It Up I would like to share this rice bag I made for my dad.  Its his birthday this weekend and the old rice bag I made him was getting pretty shabby.

Kinda fun.  Super easy.

Now its your turn for a little show and tell.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little surprise....

Last Saturday the boys and I went to Concord to a graduation party.  When we called Joshua as we were heading home he said, "tell Carvie I have a surprise for him when you get home."

"what is it?" I asked.

"A bird." he said.

Right I thought.  Its probably a chocolate bird or something.

We arrived home and Josh greeted us with a little shoe box and it it, sure enough, was a little green bird.

As he opened the box the little bird flew off and perched above our front door.  Josh had found him in our garage and caught him and kept him in the shoe box so Carvie could see him and they could set him back free together.

That little guy didn't want to be re-caught and we had to chase him around the upstairs a bit before he finally let Josh catch him with Carver's little dollar store butterfly net.

Carver was in hog heaven and thought it was so cool.

The little bird was so sweet and once Josh had him in his hand let him hold him without freaking out or anything.  Which kind of made us wonder if he was really someone's pet bird?

Josh told Carver that birds were meant to be outside so we had to let him go back to his mama and daddy.  So outside they went and we set the little guy free.

Fun little adventure for a Saturday afternoon!

A new project....

I've been trying to make something to put on my downstairs wall and keep starting projects thinking for it but they never seem to be quite right.  Usually my biggest problem is that they are usually just too bright or two busy.

So I'm trying something a little more simple.  Still kinda busy, but only two colors so maybe this one will work...

We'll see!  At any rate, its always fun to have a new project on the machine to work away at little by little.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Finished It Up Friday (remember me?) and a vintage inspired star quilt

Oh yeah.  Remember this little linky party?

What with the whirlwind of summer time, I really barely did.

So sorry.  I really hate to be such a flake about things.  But really.  I have a firm belief that my bloggery has to come second to tending the little monkeys and, well... life really and so thus I have let a few bloggity things slip.

Like our linky here.  But never fear.  We're back.  Or at least we'll officially be back next week.


In the meantime I have one little finished it up number to share with you today.  The same time over the summer that I made it to the long arm rental I quilted this beauty up as well.  Before Mady left for the summer she declared this to be her current favorite family quilt.

I must admit this is a favorite of mine as well.  Particularly because it is a design of my own.  And I'm a sucker for vintage inspired prints.

And then there's the matter of this little rascal who decided to be my photography assistant this afternoon.

So tune in next Friday for a chance to share your finished up projects..

See you then!
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