Friday, September 9, 2011

Finished It Up Friday (remember me?) and a vintage inspired star quilt

Oh yeah.  Remember this little linky party?

What with the whirlwind of summer time, I really barely did.

So sorry.  I really hate to be such a flake about things.  But really.  I have a firm belief that my bloggery has to come second to tending the little monkeys and, well... life really and so thus I have let a few bloggity things slip.

Like our linky here.  But never fear.  We're back.  Or at least we'll officially be back next week.


In the meantime I have one little finished it up number to share with you today.  The same time over the summer that I made it to the long arm rental I quilted this beauty up as well.  Before Mady left for the summer she declared this to be her current favorite family quilt.

I must admit this is a favorite of mine as well.  Particularly because it is a design of my own.  And I'm a sucker for vintage inspired prints.

And then there's the matter of this little rascal who decided to be my photography assistant this afternoon.

So tune in next Friday for a chance to share your finished up projects..

See you then!


  1. Beautiful quilt - I love starflower blocks.

  2. I'm always amazed by the combination of fabric you use. That's the hardest part if you ask me! I really love the way you used the darker fabrics in the middle and more subtle in the outside of each star flower.


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