Friday, March 8, 2013

baby changing pad {for the shop}

When C was born I made a changing pad out of oil cloth and liked it so much I made a few more in my shop.  A few weeks ago my kindergarten teacher emailed me with the exciting news she was going to be a new grandma and she wanted me to make something for her to bring to the shower.

I had an extra one from back when I made my own that was still in my shop but she was looking for something more pink/brown so off to the fabric store I went.

Now that its been five years since my brand new mom self made that first one, I've learned a few things about toting diapers around.  There were some things about the original design that I thought needed a little improvement on so instead of rolling it, I had it fold up and added a belt around it instead of a tie to keep it together. This also allowed it to keep a spare dipe and wipes all there together in once convenient pouch.

So now I think I need a new} one for myself and a bunch more for the shop using some of those fabulous oil cloths and vinyl fabrics I found at my last visit to Harts!
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