Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A new baby snuggler

The other day I was at the fabric store looking for some great fabrics to make a snuggle quilt for a new little baby girl of a friend of my parents.

I saw this whole line in a little shelf and fell in love immediately.  I bought a quarter yard of each right there.

We were going to be with my parents for Thanksgiving so it would be a great time to pass it on to her rather than having to wrangle two little ones at the post office to mail it so I stayed up late last night to finish it.

I really liked the end result.  Its not as large as a typical quilt and not as small as a typical snuggle quilt.  I like to think of it as large enough for a little one to sit under and snuggle with but small enough to tote around without being too cumbersome.

Minkey is a tricky and stretchy little monkey to work with and because of that and the fact that I didn't stop and iron like I usually do it ended up a little scrunchy which I actually kind of like.  It gives it a puffier look without adding the weight of puff.

Its super soft and snuggly and I think this is going to be the pattern for a baby quilt for our new little one.

Back in the saddle..

Lately the blahs and the blech's of that first trimester of pregnancy have been letting up a little and I can feel my spark back.  I've started having little ideas of projects I might like to pick up again.

And it feels good.

A week or so ago Joshua brought home a box of blank lab coats for a friend of his from work and asked if I'd embroider the doctor's name on them.  Josh ordered some for himself a month or so ago and I guess he's started a trend at the clinic.  

It felt good to bust out the embroidery machine and get to doing something creative. 

And that gift certificate the doc gave us for doing it for him will be fun to spend together too.

Here's to starting to feel like myself again!
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