Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doorbell Tile

More fun with vinyl last night.  Those of you mama's know the inner rage that happens with the doorbell rings and then you hear a baby cry from upstairs.  Oh the pain!  With Micah still being such a little guy, he naps three times a day, sometimes four which basically means our house is in a constant state of possible nap disturbance.  Awhile back I put a little note above the doorbell which was imidiately effective and people were very respectful of it.  Unfortunately paper, even paper wrapped in a baggie (tacky much?) still became faded and worn (and ugly and tacky) so I knew I needed something more durable.

I wanted a gentle message so as not to scold or boss people as they stepped up to our threshold and thought this did the trick.  I wish I had a little sleeping baby graphic that wasn't cheesy but I am always a fan of birds so there you go.

I thought it turned out nice and it might become a new gift for the new mamas in my life.  or maybe I'll make a few more and pop them in my etsy shop

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas House

I needed a hostess gift last night and thought I'd whip up a cute little Christmas ornament to tie onto a bottle of sparkling cider. I popped over to my Christmas ornament Pinterest board and thought these by Retro Mama might be cute.  (and funnily enough she's posting about her Christmas houses on her site today!  Check out her blog, I LOVE her stuff)

I added a little Christmas-ish holly on top and dabbled a bit on the free-motion cursive (to which now I'm totally addicted)  Might have to make a few for my own sad little tree.  I'm pretty sure my kids can't break ornaments like these, or at least if they do I won't find them sitting in a ring of crushed glass Christmas balls like I did last Friday.  (grrrrrrrr.....)

but that's a different blog post altogether....

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Breaking out the Silhouette! (finally)

Last year for Christmas my super rad sister-in-law planted a bug in my mom's ear that I might enjoy a Silhouette. And then Christmas morning came and I opened it up and freaked out, I was so excited. I had so many ideas and things I wanted to make with it but it took a few months to get a computer that I could use it with and then there was the craziness that was a new baby's arrival and our summer vacation and so on. And I still hadn't used it! Till last night. I got the kids to bed and brought it all downstairs to sit by the Christmas tree and figure it all out with a couple episodes of Foyle's War in the background. It was fun and oh so addicting. I finally fumbled into bed about 1:30 am (!!!!???) with two projects that had been jingling around in my head since I got my Cameo and heard of chalkboard vinyl.

Chalkboard vinyl is fun and super easy to work with.  I was worried that it wouldn't erase well but it really does.  This is a big improvement over the stained dollar store dry erase board I was using.

And I've been wanting to do a little thing like this over our big family picture in our entryway for pretty much as long as we've had a big family picture in our entryway.  I still have two little flourishes I want to put on either side of the lettering but the learning curve of working with the vinyl pretty much used up the small amount of black that I got so I've got to order some more before I can do anymore there.

But I love it!  Expect to see more with the Silhouette now that I've figured out how to do it.  Anyone have any good projects they've done that they really liked??

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