Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breaking out the Silhouette! (finally)

Last year for Christmas my super rad sister-in-law planted a bug in my mom's ear that I might enjoy a Silhouette. And then Christmas morning came and I opened it up and freaked out, I was so excited. I had so many ideas and things I wanted to make with it but it took a few months to get a computer that I could use it with and then there was the craziness that was a new baby's arrival and our summer vacation and so on. And I still hadn't used it! Till last night. I got the kids to bed and brought it all downstairs to sit by the Christmas tree and figure it all out with a couple episodes of Foyle's War in the background. It was fun and oh so addicting. I finally fumbled into bed about 1:30 am (!!!!???) with two projects that had been jingling around in my head since I got my Cameo and heard of chalkboard vinyl.

Chalkboard vinyl is fun and super easy to work with.  I was worried that it wouldn't erase well but it really does.  This is a big improvement over the stained dollar store dry erase board I was using.

And I've been wanting to do a little thing like this over our big family picture in our entryway for pretty much as long as we've had a big family picture in our entryway.  I still have two little flourishes I want to put on either side of the lettering but the learning curve of working with the vinyl pretty much used up the small amount of black that I got so I've got to order some more before I can do anymore there.

But I love it!  Expect to see more with the Silhouette now that I've figured out how to do it.  Anyone have any good projects they've done that they really liked??

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