Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doorbell Tile

More fun with vinyl last night.  Those of you mama's know the inner rage that happens with the doorbell rings and then you hear a baby cry from upstairs.  Oh the pain!  With Micah still being such a little guy, he naps three times a day, sometimes four which basically means our house is in a constant state of possible nap disturbance.  Awhile back I put a little note above the doorbell which was imidiately effective and people were very respectful of it.  Unfortunately paper, even paper wrapped in a baggie (tacky much?) still became faded and worn (and ugly and tacky) so I knew I needed something more durable.

I wanted a gentle message so as not to scold or boss people as they stepped up to our threshold and thought this did the trick.  I wish I had a little sleeping baby graphic that wasn't cheesy but I am always a fan of birds so there you go.

I thought it turned out nice and it might become a new gift for the new mamas in my life.  or maybe I'll make a few more and pop them in my etsy shop

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