Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just had to post this.

So when I said it was raining cats and dogs, its now raining sheep and horses.  Whoa!  Monsoon time has come to Santa Cruz!  I just had to hop back on and post these pictures.

Here is my son marveling at the "riber" (river) that was 
flowing to the side of our house.  

Some leftover birthday decorations get a bath.

And the flowers I planted yesterday next to our front door.  

Yes, they are drowning.

oh well:)


  1. I love the look on the little fellow's face! Too cute!!

  2. Wait . . . you're in Santa Cruz!?! I lived in Santa Cruz for 12 years, my husband's family has been there forever and we want to move back soon! We're currently in San Jose Funny how some of us are so close.

    Love the analogy . . . sheep and horses!

  3. What a small world! I love that!

  4. very funny...riber as river...hehehe


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