Thursday, February 3, 2011

Picket Fences

I've been working on this little lady for a bit and finally finished her up last night.  Its one I made up my own pattern from inspiration I'd seen in other different quilts I liked.  All the fabric utilized my stash (with the exception of new fabric purchased for the backing-BUT that's one of my exceptions so that's okay.)
We're potty training around here (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it really may be the end of me.......) and last night I needed a serious mama break so after dinner I grabbed this little lady and headed to the church for craft night to commiserate with other mamas over the trials and tribulations of pee-pee and training pants while I sat and finished up the binding.  Quilting therapy.  It was just what the doctor ordered...

The back is sort of pieced together but the fabric pattern is so forgiving you can't really tell and then there's the added little zing with my left over tail ends from rotary cutting the front blocks.  I LOVE it when you can utilize all those little pieces.  It makes me feel like a pioneer a little bit.
I started this quilt with someone in mind for it but as it progressed, it just didn't feel like her quilt anymore.  

So I've got something new in mind for my little friend and this one I posted in my shop on Etsy.  See it here.


  1. Ooo, that's dang cute. I think we still have a "vintage" Tyra baby blanket here you made years ago for Amanda. Navy blue and ... maybe fish? I can't remember now. I'll have to pull it out and take a looksie!

  2. I remember that quilt! I'm honored that you guy still have it:) Its hard to believe your girls were babies when that quilt was made. That makes me feel kind of old? Weird:)

  3. What a sweet quilt! It is always so much fun to use your stash on a quilt.


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