Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Dancing Diamonds

Today it decided to keep being spring in California and I decided to start enjoying it outside instead of staying in all day forgetting that even though its February, its still sunny and 70 degrees.  

(And I stress less about potty training accidents when they happen in the driveway rather than my living room)

So Asher and I set up shop in the garage while Carver rode his trike around to his little heart's content.  It was one of those afternoons where you think, "this is pretty much what I always hoped my life would be."  Its not always that way (for anyone) but every once in awhile we get those little moments.  
Tender mercies if you will.

I stayed up WAY too late last night so I could quilt this. It seems Mr. Almost-3-Years-Old has traded naps for potty training (I'm still debating if that was a fair trade or not) and so my only found time for myself seems to be late at night.  

But it was worth it to have the house all quiet and to myself to finish up this project.
And now I give you.....drumroll please..... 
the Dancing Diamonds Quilt!...
I wish I had noted what the fabrics were I used for this.  They were so cute and vintage-ish, which seems to be my current "thing."  I made up the pattern myself and it came together quite easily.  There is something sort of meditative about sitting up in the quiet of the studio listening to talks or a netflix movie on the iPhone while churning out a hundred or so triangles sewn together to make squares.

The thing that had been holding me back from finishing this little lady was finding a good backing fabric for it.  Nothing in my stash quite looked right (although I did utilize stash fabric for the binding)  Yesterday I had a chance to swing into Harts Fabric here in Santa Cruz and picked out these pink oval-ish polka dots by Moda.  They seemed perfect and I like how they turned out.

Hurray for whipping through these WIP's!  Which is good because of a certain other purchase I made at Hart's.  More about that tomorrow.....

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  1. Your day sounds familiar. That is what we've been doing a lot. It's been so nice to have these CA warm days to spend out side with the small one riding the trike. We are also potty training and I have enjoyed the time we get to have shorts on my young one, they're easier to pull down than pants to use the potty :)


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