Thursday, February 10, 2011

I've joined up..

I've been waffling back and forth for the last two weeks about joining this.

Single Girl Quilt Along button sometimes...

And a few days ago I was at the fabric store getting backing for this and I casually asked if they carried the Single Girl Pattern.

And they did.

So I took the plunge and bought myself my very own Single Girls pattern and even signed up for the flickr support group.

Even though I was feeling all curved-edged-piecing confident after the Color Wheel, I admit, I was still a little intimidated by all that curving.

But here goes nothing.

I've yet to decide on what my color scheme is going to be.  I'm sort of tempted to break my stash pact and buy some really cute, coordinated fabrics.  It just seems like its going to be a good amount of work and so I want it to really end up being a quilt I love.  No deadline yet on this so I'm just going to percolate on it a bit.

I've been sitting here putting off tackling the mountain of laundry in my bedroom by perusing Quiltstory's block party blocks.  Its getting so bad that I think laundry that my husband fished out of the pile to wear at the beginning of the mountain has cycled itself back.  Maybe twice.

But in my defense with potty training still happening daily here, we've got a lot of laundry cycling through.

But I digress.

Loving the inverted star blocks

and the scrappy pendants blocks.

and the dresden plates. This one too. I'm loving Dresden plates as I've seen them around a bunch of blogs lately and it really makes me want to try my hand at them.  Maybe I'm not so scared of curvy things after all?

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