Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Single Girl Progress and a few Friday Favorites

I've gotten sort of distracted from my Single Girl quilt-along-ing lately but yesterday, 
while two sweet little boys took two 
  L  O  N  G
I got some work done

Then they woke up and we played around the house, watched a Wonder Pet episode (or two)
ate leftover spaghetti squash and zucchini spaghetti 
headed back upstairs.

And did a little more sewing.
And two little boys did a little more playing and general mayhem making on their side of the room.

I also dusted off woodworking skills with this....
(is that how you say it?  "jimmy rigged?")
We've got a little dilemma around here.  
The baby has a serious kamakazi-like need to 
hurl himself down these stairs.  
Or maybe just a fervent curiosity to see what it would be like to fly down stairs.

In fact on Tuesday...
he succeed and rolled down all the way to the bottom landing.
He was fine but I'm totally paranoid now and  unfortunately the set up of the spot makes it almost impossible to put a baby gate there
(without drilling into the banister anyway and I don't think our landlords would appreciate that very much)
So I found some random 1x4s in the garage and nailed them to make this little dealie.

Its not perfect but at least (for now) Asher can't pull it down and it stays in place to keep him from the death roll down the stairs.

Has anyone else out there come across this problem?  What else can I do?  I found a special baby gate for banisters but unfortunately you have to have a square sided banister and as you can see from the picture, 
we do not.

All ideas are welcome.
Until we figure out something better, this is working.

Oh and its supposed to snow tomorrow morning.
Which is a bummer because I wanted to go here, here, and here 
but since these Californians I'd be sharing the road with last experienced snow driving sometime in the
early 70's,
 it looks like I'll be hanging out around here.

Probably doing more of this.

just a few Friday Favorites:
Lily at Lily's Quilts celebrated her one year "quilt-aversary"  I can't believe she's only been quilting for a year.  She makes beautiful quilts.

Christine at Fabric Junkie announces a SA-WEET giveaway.  Head on over and enter if you haven't already. Its a good 'un.

Sarah at Sew Sarah confessed to her hexie addiction the same day I did.  There must have been something in the air that day?


  1. I must admit that my baby gate at the top of the stairs looks just like your's! But hey, it works! :) Can't wait to see more of what you are working on!

    Stopping by from The Girl Creative Blog Hop! Happy Friday!


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