Thursday, February 17, 2011

For baby Henry...

Its raining and blustering like crazy here today.  We're hunkered down in our pj's watching scooby doo and drinking tea. I think I might get a few more fabrics cut for my single girl quilt.  What could be better?

I thought I'd post today about a little project that's been on my mind for oh, the last six months or so.

In college I was lucky enough to land the five best roomates/friends/sisters-from-another-misters that a girl could hope for.  Since we've started our own new little families, I've made a special quilt for each of the sweet little babies.  In this last year we've added four more babies to our brood which now totals 14 (10 girls and 4 boys).  It seems that we all seem to be on the same baby timing schedule and this year since one of the babies was my own, I've been a little slow getting these new ones finished.  But here is Baby Henry's snuggle quilt!.  

I have usually done a crib or craft sized quilt for each of the kiddos but this time since Baby Henry is number three in the Wheadon home, I figured they probably have a lot of baby quilts.  So for this one, I made Henry his own little snuggly.

I busted out the ol' embroidery arm and labeled Henry's snuggler for his own.  I used some sort of minky fabric which was beyond soft.

Because minky has some height to it and is really stretchy, I used both dissolveable and tear away stabilizer.  It came out really nice.

I have seen so many of these little flag/bunting typed designs around and I just love them.  It was a great way to use some little scrappy leftovers.
Its raining cats and dogs here today so I think we may take a little field trip to the post office just to get out of the house and get this little guy off to his new home.

Really Henry is the newest of our new crop of kiddos with Claire and little Nel arriving last spring and summer.  Don't worry girls, yours are next.  I promise to have them to you before you turn one okay?


Auntie Ty


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  1. Oh wow Tyra! That is so darling! I love, love LOVE it! And I feel so famous having been mentioned on your sewing blog. You are one amazing mama and quilter.


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