Monday, February 14, 2011

We've been birthday-ing around here...

First of all I feel like we should do a shout out to all our new friends in Europe!  Hellooooo Hungry and Russia!  Wow!  Thanks to everyone who has entered our giveaway so far!  Its been so fun to check in all day  (really ALL day every day since Friday morning, its basically my new addiction) and see the little comment number go up and up and all your sweet faces filling up my little followers box.  FUN FUN!!  Hello to you all!

Today is my first baby's birthday and this weekend we had his party.  It was low key, just family, presents and cake.  I think I've mentioned before how Carver has recently become interested in drawing and so I wanted to add a little homemade mama gifting into all the other Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine and T-Ball presents that were happening.

I made him this colored pencil case from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted gifts.  I used the pattern in the book as sort of a starter point and then sort of did it my own way.  Its a very simple project and quite easy to put together.  Even for people like myself who seem to have a hard time taking the time to read directions and follow patterns.
 How awesome is that sweet face seeing his present!  That is the kind of thing that makes a mama's heart go pitter pat.

Am I right or am I right.
I was a little worried that this quiet time gift would sort of get lost in the shuffle of ALL the presents he got (I mean his mormor and papa were here after all)  But he really liked it and toted it around for quite awhile.

Well before Papa and Daddy took him outside to fly his helicopter and play some T-ball. 

I'm most excited to see how long it keeps him engaged in church.

That really is the true test.

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  1. Looks like you all had fun! That is great book! It has so many wonderful projects in it.

  2. That roll-up is just wonderful - really pretty


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