Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy for Hexigons

I have always loved hexagon quilts but the paper piecing seemed so intimidating.  
I ordered a book from the library about English paper piecing about two months ago and got all excited and printed and then cut out a bunch of hexagon templates. 

But I still felt a little overwhelmed by the process and worried that it would be sort of tedious.  
Lately though, I feel like I've seen so many hexagons around the blogosphere and on Flickr, I've started wondering if maybe, they're not so hard.

So Saturday night I searched for a tutorial on You Tube.
I found this, this and this which got me even more curious to try these little hexies out. 
(don't you love how easy technology makes thing now?)

I set to turning this...

Into this...

Which followed me around the rest of the weekend and turned into this..

and then this...

I pressed it and took out the papers and appliquéd it onto some soft, red, snuggly minkey fabric.  I've got a little bit more to do in the way of some machine embroidery and binding but I think this is going to be a SWEET and snuggly baby quilt for baby Claire.  Two down, one more to go!

This hexigon thing has really become addicting.  Its such a meditative thing to do.  For family home evening tonight we had our toddler lesson and then the mister and I snuggled up on the couch and listened to this while the chillins romped around on the floor and I basted some more hexies.
Then the boys moved on to the activity portion of the evening while I busied myself with my basket and enjoyed the show.

I sense a new addiction coming on....


  1. I love that you call them hexies. They look like little individual pillows to me on the minkey fabric. The cutting seems tedious to me, but you make it look so simple and easy! I'll have to check out those you tube videos. DARLING snugglie blanket. I love it!

  2. Watch the you tube videos and you'll see. I don't cut out hexagon shaped fabric, just squares and you baste them on to the paper template. For the templates I just went on work and drew a hexagon and copy/pasted it over and over till it filled a page and then printed it. I cute them out with a few layers of paper so I got a ton. And you can reuse the templates after you pull them out. Seriously, give it a try. GREAT activity when you want to sit and watch a movie or the latest Biggest Loser but still need something to do with your hands:)

  3. awesome! i'm totally hooked with you. how funny that we both posted about it on the same day without knowing! are you using cardstock patterns? I bought some from a quilt shop and they are awesome.
    oh and i love what you did by putting the hexies on the minky. I'm starting to feel like I should start small (instead of aiming for a queen size right away? haha).

    i'm considering letting Ruby (my daughter) have this first hexie quilt. ..

  4. Thanks for the encouragement to do hexies. It is amazing what you can learn from the Internet! Cute blog. Cute family. Cute baby quilt. Hugs!


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