Thursday, March 31, 2011

the mini design wall

The other day when I was putting together the first of these blocks I realized I needed a design wall to make laying them out easier.  Space comes at a premium around here and my particular side of our office area really has very little wall space.  So I conjured up this idea for a mini design wall that I could store easily on my shelf  and I think it turned out great.

My sewing desk is an old computer desk with a roll out table, originally for the computer keyboard, that I usually place my cutting mat on.  My new little design wall fits perfectly on that little roll out table so I can lay things out and then bring it right to my sewing machine to start piecing it together.
At some point I still might make a larger one to put against the back of the other bookshelf but we'll see...

So now there are two!  I'm really loving these blocks especially with all the bright scraps.  Its sort of tempting to want to make this into a large quilt.  I just love all these bright colors together.
In other happy news, I knocked out two more single girl blocks last night which means I'm four blocks from finishing the quilt top.  I had lost some steam but now we're nearly to push through and finish it up.

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  1. My goodness, these are just stunning. I'm dying over your header too. So glad I stopped by from Gluesticks.


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