Monday, March 21, 2011

Coming back: Inside and Outside

First of all 
thank you Thank you THANK YOU
all for such lovely get well wishes for my boys. 

I am happy to report that they are all doing better and as far as I can tell, 
(Although this bug seems to give short 24-48 hour breaks before it comes back with a vengeance so we'll see.....)

the me "not feeling 100% myself" of last Wednesday, by Thursday afternoon left me a hollow, waste of a mama on the bathroom floor.
So I apologize for the lack of thank you responses to your kind emails as I was pretty ill myself for awhile.

Which begs the question,
Who takes care of mama when mama is sick?  
Dad still has to go to work, helpful neighbors can't take my kids since I wouldn't dare subject them to our germs and loving parents are hundreds of miles away.  
What is a mama to do?

Anyway.  We survived.

Enough of that.

Since I have been too sick to do any sewing worthy of an update or post of its own, I'll share a little of my window of sunshine and health, Thursday morning.
Which is a little creation of its own.
Just not of the fabric variety.

I love to work outside.  Which is weird since I cried and pouted my way through many a Saturday morning family work party outside growing up.  But at any rate, now I really enjoy it and love that we moved to a new home last summer with a "fresh canvas" shall we say of a backyard.  We tried to do some planting last summer when we moved in but the dirt was so poor that it needed a seasons worth of TLC before it was ready for anything to survive much in it.

Thursday morning the boys were feeling better and the sun was shining so we took a little trip to Home Depot and picked up a few plants and some potting soil to start our little vegi starts.  Carver and I spent the rest of the morning while Asher napped digging and raking and trimming and worm hunting.

There is something so heartening to me about watching my boy chase worms about the garden all morning.  He kept telling me, "mama, this is a WORUM, not a snake, okay?"  Okay.

Here is my before shot.....

and here is my after shot....
I got these fantastic bags of bulbs at Costco (heart!) a few weeks ago for shade loving plants and those are all planted in there, ready to pop up and fill in the blank spaces. 

Next on the docket...
Replant the grass and this lovely side

Here's to a coming spring with improved health and many more days out here digging, planting and chasing "worums" with my boys.

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