Thursday, March 10, 2011

We interupt this blog for a brief message from Barfy McGee and his brother Ralphy O'Sickums

So Tuesday my Carver woke up with a barf and we proceded to have a sick day in front of endless episodes of Kipper and Ni-Hao Kai-Lan.  In between barfs he was bouncing off the couch as per usual so I figured he wasn't that sick and this would all be short lived.  

In fact Wednesday he was totally fine and I thought it was all over.
But then during morning cuddles today he barfed all over my bed and about 9:30 his baby brother decided to follow in his footsteps and the rest is as they say, history.

I pulled out just about every quilt in the house and covered the floor because while Carver can give warning and aim toward a barf bucket, my little Asher  

This was a lesson we learned thankfully in the kitchen over linoleum 
(enter third costume change of the day for mama).

The quilts covering the floor has been pure genius.  I'm sure my landlords will thank us for it.

There's been less bouncing around today and more barfing than I care to talk about.  
Let's just say I've changed my clothes four times and done as many loads of laundry.

So we may be a little quiet over here while I keep the "ginerella" flowing and the saltine cracker bowl full and cuddle my boys while we catch up on all the Fireman Sam, Barney and Wonder Pets Netflix has to offer.

We'll be back.

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