Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Exhibits A through F of my quilting ADD

This weeks WIP shows my serious quilting ADD.  Turns out I have six current works in progress.  And actually there's more but those are so not getting worked on right now, I'm not going to count them.

I think this happens when I set out on big quilts because every once in awhile I need a quick shot of "finished product" to keep me going.  This single girl is taking time (which is fine, I do love my single girl) and I think she's the catalyst for all this frenzied small projecting.

Or maybe I just can't ever shut my brain off and get too excited about all the fun quilts there are to make.

Maybe a combo of the two?


Here's a new project that has been percolating in my brain for a few weeks and has now jumped into the actual hands on creating process.  This will likely be a long-term ongoing quilt too.  In our Relief Society room at church we have this leftover basketball hoop studdery on the wall right up front.  Lovely it is not and the other night at craft night our president asked me if I might be interested in creating a little something to cover up the basketball hoop leftovers.  Of course!  So I thought it would be fun to have the other sisters help in creating a project.  The assignment will be to create a quilt block representing your favorite hymn and I've dubbed her the Hymns of the Restoration Quilt.  
We'll call that name a WIP too since it sounds a little stuffy to me.

Mine is Love at Home.  I don't know if its my favorite hymn per se but I do really love it and I think it makes for a sweet quilt block
"there is beauty all around, when there's love at home...."

I've also been really wanting to do a postcard quilt ever since I saw this one in American Patchwork and Quilting a year or so ago.  I got some great fabrics from the bargain garden at the quilt show last weekend that were perfect.  So last night when my husband was using the computer when I was going to blog, I figured  well I'll just do something else till he's done.  And so I busted out four postcard blocks.

I'm calling this one Postcards from Granny because the fabrics sort of remind me of grandma prints.  And when I quilt, I often think of my Grandma Sampson who was an avid quilter and I miss her sometimes.  Quilts are her postcards from Heaven to me.  Corny, yes.  True, yes.

I'm loving them so far.
I've really been wanting to create a larger quilt to hang on this blank wall in our family room and I think this postcard quilt will be great here when it's done.

And then there is this corner of WIP's

I've been plugging away here and there on my little hexagon quilt.  This is such a nice little something to do while I sit outside on these nice, sunny pre-spring days with Carver while he rides his trike up and down the street. 
 I think its doubled in size this week.    

Here we have my leftover blocks from Little Nellie's raw edge circle quilt.  I'm thinking I'm going to put them together and make my own bottom of the pack and play quilt for Asher.  I have some red minky that I think I'll use for backing.

The other project pictured here is a pile of blocks I made with the leftovers from another quilt.  I'm still not sure what I want to do with those blocks.  I've got writers block for quilts (quilter's block?) on that one so its in a holding pattern for now.  But it IS on my mind to figure it out so I figured we'd let her sit in on the photo shoot.

Phew!  So there you have it.  

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  1. Hi-
    I saw your comment on my post and I saw the picture of your color wheel quilt. It's gorgeous. I love the red binding you put on there. Really sets the whole quilt off. Beautiful!

  2. I really like your little hexie quilt ... is that all handsewing - thinking it might be a fun summer project for me when the kids are all outside (and me too). I really like your single girl blocks! What a great post with loads of inspiration! Thanks!

  3. Wow! Love your honesty - I'm too scared to get out every single WIP! So many beautiful projects! I love the single girls next to the log cabin - you might be on to something there perhaps??

  4. @Kimberly, thanks! yes it is all handsewing. Its a nice little travel sized tote-able craft. I just keep a basket with all my templates and precut squares of fabric and take it and my little camping chair out on the block when the kiddos are out playing.

  5. Love your photos! A lot of great projects going on all at once - awesome!

  6. I love how you post your W.i.P.! Atta girl for those single girl blocks - wow! Love your hexies too...

  7. Wow! I love all your WIPs! Especially the Single Girl and the hexies! They're all so colorful, just beautiful. Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week!


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