Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Single Girl Quilt Quilt-a-long: First Block Done!

I got my first block on my single girl quilt done!  Whoopee!
1 down, 19 more to go.

Yes, I'm making a KING SIZER.  

For reals.

This is going to take s o m e  t i m e.

But finishing that first block and seeing how it all came together, gets me revved to knock out a couple more.

How beautiful is that going to be when its all done!

Beautiful and HUGE.

I'm thinking this one is going to have to wait till this summer for quilting when I can get up to my favorite quilt shop, Bayside Quilting, where I can rent out some time on the long arm.

And while we're on the subject, why don't more quilt shops do this, rent out time on their long arm?

I've got more single girl curvy seams to do.


  1. Tyra, I really love that you use white for so many of your quilts - for borders and backgrounds. I love that clean look! And this patch amazes me.

  2. Thanks! I am definitely in a white quilt phase right now. I was really trying not to for this quilt, I was going to do a dark grey background which is what I saw on the original post about the single girl quilt along but when I went to JoAnns to pick up the fabric, the white just seemed to make the colors pop more and so once again, a white background quilt. But I love it anyway. I think this one is going to go on our bed when its finally done.

  3. Tyra, that looks great so far! I'm right there with you, doing the Single Girl king size quilt. Are all the curves driving you bonkers too? :)


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