Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Hexie Holder

Next month I'll be heading to Finland.  Its sort of the realization of a lifelong dream to head home to the motherland and visit family.  I'm so excited I can hardly sleep at night.

I've been planning and daydreaming all the things I can sit and do during my long flight to Helsinki and on the top of the list is some time with my hexies.

So I made this little hexie holder to tote them along for my Scandinavian adventure.

I found the fabric at Hart's here in Santa Cruz.  I am sort of over the moon in love with this fabric and kind of want to wallpaper my life in it.  I. love. it.   

Turns out zippers are tricky and that took me the longest.  I sort of made it up as I went along but I think it turned out pretty well and it is going to work great for toting hexie supplies on the airplane and anywhere else I'd need to bring them.

Its got one pocket for completed hexies, one pocket for templates

and then one fuller pocket for fabric pieces and a large pocket on the side to place completed blocks and little spots for travel scissors, thread, needles, thimble and even a threader should I decide to use one.

I love how it turned out and I think its going to be perfect for my trip.

Two more weeks till go time!

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  1. I would sure be excited to be going on that fantastic trip to. You did such a neat job on the little sewing projects too.

    Mary Ann

    Handcrafted by Mary Ann Miller's $50.00 giveaway!

  2. What an absolutely adorable little carrying case! Awesome job!!!

  3. Tyra! What a beautiful project and I love the fabric too! Have you checked if they'll allow travel scissors through the security checkpoint at the airport? Mine were confiscated a few years back when I took my cross stitch. Double check on that...

  4. Are you really taking that trip? And my next question was definitely about the airport security. Looks like Meg had that same Q. Double check it!

  5. When I flew a few years ago and wanted to do a little hand sewing I took some sharp fingernail clippers. They worked perfect for the thread.
    Great job on the zipper, I love this little case!

  6. Oh my gosh! That is awesome! Do you have an extra one? :)

    Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!

  7. Love this! I'm not much of a sewer but I better learn!


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