Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday and other things that are distracting me from finishing my Single Girl

The other day I was looking at Lily's Quilts  and she showed off a new block she'd made.

I LOVED the block and thought it was a great block that could utilize scraps and was fairly quick and easy to sew up.  So I decided I wanted to put one together myself.

It was so easy since it utilizes 3 inch squares made into half square triangles and since I keep an old baby formula container full of them on my sewing desk, they were there just waiting for me to use them.

I adore this block and now I think I'm going to make a pile more for a wall hanging to go on one of my bedroom walls.  So pretty and thanks for the inspiration Lily's Quilts!

So it appears we've added yet another WIP to my already untamed piles.  What can you do?

This weekend while my husband was still in Singapore my dad came to stay and helped me procure and then paint some big old shelves for our playroom/office/sewing studio room.  We had used this old Walmart-y shelf Josh had from his college days and a toy box to sort of section off the different corners of the room.  It looked okay but sometimes I walked upstairs and wondered if I'd wandered into a garage sale things were sort of piled and arranged in odd patched together ways.  So dad and I painted the shelves and put the room together and now it looks like this.....

I love how things are now divided a little better and all the toys (mostly) are off the floor.  It keeps a cluttered, full space looking not quite as cluttered.

And that yellow?  Well originally I had planned on red but at the last minute my son declared that yellow is his favorite color and I thought," red is my go to color.  Why not branch out a little?"  I was pretty nervous about the yellow but now that its here and I've had a few days to get used to it, I like it.  It keeps things light and sunny.  Now I just need some curtains, a nice frame for my wall art I just bought and I think we'll be done!

And now for a collage of the current WIPS. After getting these shelves in I got myself all organized and have things set neatly, all ready to be worked on. 
(from L to R, clockwise- Current quilt tops still being pieced, quilt tops ready to be quilted, 3" square bucket ready for more Lily's Blocks, the ever ongoing hexagon quilt)

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  1. Oh wow , you've made my day with this! What a wonderful block you made. Are you on Flickr? If so, would you put it in the group pages? If not, can I put it on my blog - linked back to you of course! You've made me day.

  2. Oh my! That is a fantastic block! I love it. Your hexagon quilt made me swoon also. Lovely!

  3. Oh, I love it! Great job!!! I especially love how rainbow-riffic it is!

  4. I love your block! So very cute. And I agree that the yellow for the shelves is lovely and sunny. I lean toward red too, but I like this yellow.

  5. That block is fantastic. I need one of those for myself!!

  6. I wish I was good at sewing... but i'm working on it :)

    Thank you for visiting today Tyra! I look forward to seeing some more of your creations, etc. You have a gift it seems.

  7. I really like the yellow, makes everything look light.I love the hexies!

  8. Love that block! I did a HST block similar to that one. I'll have to try it soon!

  9. Wow Tyra! The block is beautiful and I love the room! It looks really good and you really maximized space. I love the yellow!

  10. Love that block! Vintage prints are some of my absolute favorites.

  11. That's such a great block! And the perfect prints to use in it. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a great week!


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