Monday, March 14, 2011

One more for Asher

 While Asher does have a crib in the "boys' room,"  since both boys still have kinda different sleep/napping schedules, it is still just easier to have Asher sleep in the pack and play in Mady's room since she won't be needing it till this summer.  I really liked my BFF (can I still say BFF if I'm not 15 anymore?) Jamie's idea of laying a quilt down on the bottom of the pack and play and so with my extra blocks from little Nellie's last week, I made Asher his own pack and play quilt.

I used some leftover red minky-like fabric to back it and since that fabric is so fluffy by itself, I didn't bother to use any batting which left it a super soft, LIGHT blanket. 

I liked how the minky as backing/batting worked out and I think I'll be doing more of that for baby quilts in the future.  It was super easy to work with and I just quilted straight lines across like I did with Nellie's quilt.  I had to be a little more attentive to bunching since the minky is so stretchy and there just wasn't as much there to hold things in one place while quilting it but it wasn't really that tricky.  I used a little adhesive basting spray before I started and that seemed to keep things under control.  

I really love this quilt and how it spices up the pack and play.  It also makes it really easy to keep clean since my little one is QUITE the drooler and its a lot easier to pull this up and throw it in the washer rather than have to pull the bottom up to get the sheet off.

Its the simple things, you know?

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  1. Nellie got hers in the mail yesterday and it has been such a happy addition to her pack and play. We think of you now every time she lays down to sleep. Thanks again!! We love it! (Especially me.)


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