Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Or the STILL sick report

My poor boys are still sick.  We thought we were over it Saturday night but Sunday night we had a resurgence of sick (during dinner thank you very much) and here we are, STILL keeping the couch warm and getting our money's worth from Netflix.

Somehow I seem to have escaped the worst of it but I'm not feeling 100% so I don't mind the quiet time just snuggling together, trying to rest our bodies so we can be back in full shape next week when the sunshine comes back.  At least its rainy-ish and grey outside.  On these kind of days you sort of want to be snuggled up with a fire in the fireplace watching a good movie.  

I set up my sewing machine downstairs so I can sew while the boys rest on the couch.  I have pinned another round of single girl blocks and my goal is to be up to 12 finished by tonight.  I sewed my first 8 together and laid it out on my bed and I loved it so much it got me revved up again ready to tackle some more of those curvy curves.  

And we've made some progress on my postcards from granny quilt blocks.

Our biggest work in progress around here though really is just getting these boys better.  Its so sad to see two usually active, wiggly, giggly boys turned quiet and melancholy for such a long time.  The other day Carver told me he was done with TV and that my friends is a true testament to how way too long this has all lasted.

So that's the WIP update!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Hoping those little fellows get better fast! Love your colorful work...such talent you have!

  2. Hope y'all are feeling better soon. I like your single girl quilt it's coming along nicely!

  3. The Single Girl is looking great! I know exactly how you feel with the sick kids. It seems like just as they're getting over something, another wave hits!

    Thanks for linking up, hope you all feel better very soon.

  4. Oh, your single girl looks great! I really need to get back to mine. Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. the SGQ is amazing and it looks great on your bed! Those little hexy's are fun too! Hope you feel better!

  6. Wow your Single Girl is coming along nicely! It looks great!

  7. Your single girl quilt is awesome! And so are those hexies! Hope your family has a clean bill of health soon.

  8. I'm sorry! I hope it will pass quickly!


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