Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the cusp of done

I've been churning out these blocks for the last few weeks and finally the other night I finished them up.

They total 100 and they are going to make a quilt that will be 10 blocks by 10 blocks
I'm guesstimating about 65" inches square.  

I laid it out the other night for the husband to see and then admire and praise me for which he did 
and then added that he wondered if it might be a little busy and bright.  

One thing I can always count on my husband for is honest critique.  Which when we were first married kind of hurt my feelings but now I really appreciate.  When he says he loves something, you know he really means it.

I think he is right but maybe I like busy and bright?  Its the same thing he says about my hexie quilt and the clutter of pictures and flowers in my kitchen sink window.  Both make me happy to look at so there you go. I do love that hexie quilt.  It is WAY busy but so bright and cheerful that I love it.  And really with my hexie quilt, its the process that I love, the way it turns out is really sort of second.

This quilt will be a playroom quilt so I think its okay that its a tad on the bright and bold side.  All that color and business can stimulate my boys' little growing brains?  Right?

This week will be working on sewing the blocks together and hopefully by the end of the week I'll have another (bright and busy) quilt top to add to my pile.  This one I think I plan on quilting here at home on my Bernie with simple straight line stitching.  

Stay tuned for Finished It Up Friday when I'll hopefully be able to reveal the finished top!


  1. I have to say, when I saw the picture of the fabric, before I read what you'd written, I thought "I love how fun and bright those colors are!" So. To each his own, I guess ;)

  2. With no disrespect to hubby, I have to say a little about BRIGHT COLORS. I. Love. Them. They stimulate the mind, bring excitement and happiness and life to the room. I will ALWAYS be a fan of any bright color over the "neutrals." Like Mandy said, to each his own. Everyone has their preferences:)


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