Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More on my Denyse Schmidt obsession and a call out for a quilt-a-long

Cog + Wheel Quilt Pattern Packaging

I've been eyeing this pattern pretty much since I finished my Single Girl.

I'm most definitely in a Denyse Schmidt phase right now and finishing that Single Girl has me thinking I can sew anything these days.  I just ordered it via FabricWorm.com and I'm wondering if anyone might be interested in quilting along with me on this one.  It looks tricky but no trickier than the Single Girl which was most do-able in a quilt-a-long with all the help and support.

Any thoughts?  Anyone feeling ambitious with me????/


  1. I wish I could join your quilt along!! The design looks fantastic!!! I've been so busy these days!!! I'll just keep track of your progress:)
    Happy Stitching/Quilting!!!

  2. That quilt looks like it would be fun to make. I have no time at all though. I wish I could make a quilt right now.

  3. That is so tempting. Um - yes. I want to do it with you. But can you convince me that I can? The circles make it look so tricky.


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