Friday, June 3, 2011

Finished It Up Friday {#7}

Last night the husband and I parked it in front of the computer to watch The Voice and I set to finalizing a real plan for my scrap blocks.  I thought it was time to really put together a plan as to where this quilt was going.  Would you believe I had already done 83 blocks?  
I had no idea there was so many done so I'm glad I made plan.  

So my Finished It Up Friday was that I finished my plan and finished putting together the pieces for the unfinished blocks in pinned together little piles, ready to be sewn.  I decided its going to be 10 blocks by 10 blocks which should put it at about 65 inches square.

Last week we saw some lovely finished pieces!

duct tape dress form just my size

I had to repost this link from last week  I was so impressed!  Way to go Edith!

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  1. closed??? I made a dress I wanted to link up....darn and it!!!


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