Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finished It Up Friday {#10}

The quilt top is finished!  I'm calling it Rainbow Crossroads and it turned out perfect size for a picnic quilt.  Above you see my Carver testing it out.

The full front.....

Me and my boy and our new quilt (top).  
Next step is to figure out the right back for it and to quilt it up.  Its small enough that I think I can quilt it at home on my Bernie.  
I'm thinking its a good quilt for some straight line quilting.

Now its your turn!  Show of your creations from the week!


  1. How about a " I started it on Friday" party? LOL

  2. Oh Ty---I LOVE it!!! The colors are so great and fun together!

  3. Wonderful quilt - I love the colours

  4. Three things:

    1. I LOVE the quilt. I loved spread of colors and how you included everything. LOVE it.

    2. Was the picture taken of your quilt top lying on your NEW GRASS? The grass is beautiful. I hope it was the grass you grew from seed.

    3. Please tell me you were able to remove the racket from Carver's head. He is such a goof. Did he wear that around all day?

  5. I love Rainbow Crossroads. It is really bright and bold.


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