Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Getting my bearings...

So I've officially been home a week and I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get back in the proper swing of things.  Last night was the first night I made it past 9 pm before falling asleep. 
 Jetlag has been a real stinker.

But my dear husband has a baby shower at work to attend on Friday and had asked me to make him something to take so today I pulled myself together and got to sewing.

And it felt really nice.

I put together the above quilt top for the little boy baby.  Tomorrow I'll quilt it but I just can't decide yet how I want to do it.  The usual stippling or straight lines?  It certainly lends itself to straight lines but I also just love a nice, crinkly stippled quilt.

hmmm.....what to do.....

The Single Girl.....
This little lady waits patiently for me to finish the last four blocks.  I think what's holding me back is the fact that I know I have to cut out the pieces for the wheel part since I started out with the wrong white for the first block I did.  (big bummer no?) so I am one short on each piece.  The thought of cutting out all those pieces feels a tad daunting.  BUT I am quite excited to see her all pieced together. I keep telling myself what a nice Finished It Up Friday that would be to post about but....it just never happens.  Maybe this will be the week.  My jetlag thinks doubtful. 

My hexie quilt continues slowly but surely!  I have to report that my hexie holder was a dream on my 13 hours of flying each way and I got some nice little blocks done while whiling away the hours of in seat movie entertainment. 

 And PS:  as to those who were wondering about the little scissors in my hexie holder.

They made it through security NO problem.  
And if they can make it through airport security in Seattle, they can make it through anywhere.  
They are no joke about airport security in Seattle.

Still at three blocks of these pretties.  Looking forward to plugging away on these guys here a little there a little now that I'm back

And then there is this:

My WIP box.  
She's awfully full and in need of some attention before I go plunging into any other new projects. 
 These are my projects that seem to be in holding patterns, waiting for inspiration to strike.

So that's my progress!

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  1. The baby quilt is real nice.

  2. Good luck recovering from the jet lag, I know that can be killer. I'm with you on the crinkly - I like the look straight-line quilting gives, but nothing beats a crinkly, FMQ'd quilt, to me. Good luck deciding :)

  3. I like the fabrics you did the baby quilt in. Love a coin quilt and they look so nice when straight line quilted, easy and quick too. Your HST block is really nice and I like the bright colors.

  4. I love all your color choices!

  5. the baby quilt top is beautiful! I am a strictly straight line quilting due to fear of FMQ. But if you can do it, I'd say FMQ! Love your 'lynnebobsquarepants' block. I've put that on my want to make list! And holy moly that's one WIP box. Tackling some of that should lighten your mood. I always feel better when I clear the clutter that drags me down.

  6. That baby quilt is cute! Love the sashing color you used. God luck with the Single Girl! It is looking great!

  7. Great looking baby quilt and I am always a fan of hexies. Happy Quilting!

  8. That coin quilt is adorable!! You're so brave to keep all your WIPs in one place - I have mine in distributed piles throughout the sewing room and guest room so it looks like there are fewer of them. ;)

  9. So busy!! and so many nice itmes on the go...I would stipple the quilt..lol. it's more fun than straight quilting, right?????

  10. So much fabric, so little time! You've got some beautiful projects!

  11. What a sweetheart you are for making a quilt for a baby gift! I love all the colors, and the fabrics you're working with! Sew bright, happy and cheerful. What a beautiful post to read through!

    Get some sleep, and there will be time to do what needs done and stippling is my hubby's favorite quilting on a quilt!

  12. Love the stacked coins of the baby quilt. Stippling is always a favorite of mine, so quick, and you can't beat the texture...nice and snuggly for a new little one! Great job!

  13. Oh my gosh, I love that coin stacked quilt! It's beautiful!

  14. Your baby quilt looks lovely! I'm sure it will be loved by both mom and baby!

  15. aw what a cute little quilt! perfect for a little baby boy :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!


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