Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm back

hello there friends!

i'm back from my week in Finland and let me say, it was amazing.

obviously with the amount of unpacking and jet lag recovery going on around here, there hasn't been much time for quilting of any kind.

i sense a few more days of putting things back together before we get back to our regularly scheduled programing.

until then i thought i'd share a few sneak peeks of my pictures and favorite Finland moments.

one of the fun things about stores in Finland is that you can find fabric for sale in the most unlikely of places.

for real.

this was in Stockman, Finland's major department store.
check out the thread and notions wall over there!

Stay tuned for my Merimekko show and tell.

I'll give you a hint and a was friends day at the Merimekko outlet store the day we went and I used the price savings to just buy more fabric.

I brought a little trip treat home for you guys and we'll post it on a giveaway starting next week some come back for that.

see you then!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back:)
    I can't wait for the Marimekko show and tell!!! Ohh I just love this fabric!!! And I hear a giveaway..mmm... thank you in advance for your treat:)
    Take care and Happy Easter


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