Wednesday, April 6, 2011

for the playroom: a picture

Phillipians 4:8 framed

I've been drooling over what Chrissy from In His Grace has been creating.  She does beautiful artwork and I've been itching to add some to our walls.  I love her use of bright colors and the incorporation of such lovely, spiritual messages. 
Picture above computer/office area
I bought her print of Phillipians 4:8 and put it over our computer.  

So often my husband and I are talking about all the media we watch (via computer since we don't have TV) and how we want to make sure that what media we are letting into our home is good and worthwhile. 

I thought putting it right here above the computer would be a good reminder.

I bought the frame at the Goodwill behind our neighborhood and painted it with leftover paint from the shelves   my pops and I did last week.

I should have done a before and after shot because it really did transform an ugly piece of trash looking thing to a lovely, sunny addition to our room.

So that's my little DIY moment for the week!

This isn't even a sponsored plug for her shop.  I really just love not only the brightly colored, fun art she does but the spiritual roots behind it.
On my wish list is thisthis and this.  Oh and this.
Click here to head over to Chrissy's Etsy shop and see for yourself what lovely creations she's got there!

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  1. I love the pic!! I am a new follower. Stopping by to invite you to join Thrifty Thursday. Have a wonderful day. Blessings!



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