Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Mini Quilts

Today I am flying away to Finland.

That's right.  Finland!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight which is probably why its midnight, I'm leaving for the airport in five and a half short hours and I'm on the computer instead of sleeping.

Anyhoos, in preparations for my trip I made a few little gifties for my family I'll be staying with in Finland.

Here are two little samplers I thought I'd share before I head out.

There are three sisters who are my grandfather's cousins although they are more like my mother's age and their children are my age so they are more like dear, fun aunts and I can hardly wait to see them soon.  

I made two of them identical mini quilts to be used as table runners.  I call them my little table quilts and I love the colors and how they turned out.  They really remind me of a Marimekko fabric which is fun since I've begged them to take me to the Marimekko store when I am there.  I must just have had it on the brain.

The third sister is a great lover of purple so she really had to have a purple table quilt.
I have been itching to try my hand at a zig zag quilt and this was the perfect opportunity.

I think I'll be making myself a full sized one at some point.  I really love me some zig zag.

So that's what we've got today.  I've got a few more homemade gifties that I'm bringing but I'll save those for another post later in the week.  

For now I've got to print off a few more hexie templates for my plane ride and dig out my Swedish dictionary (yes its Finland but we're Swedish-Finns.  Vi pratta svenska okay?)

And I'm on my way.

And before I leave I'm linking up with these fun linky parties:

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  1. Hope you have a great trip!!! Have lots and lots of fun!! And don't forget to buy some Marimekko fabric!!!!!! Those mini quilts are adorable especially the pink one!!!

  2. How exiting!!! I'm Finnish woman living in Greece! Your presents are beautiful! I wish you wonderful time in Finland! Give my wishes to my 'home'! I hope we here your news when you'll be back! Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje
    Ps. Puhutko Suomeakin?

  3. @Teje, Hello! I will give Finland a big kiss for you! I wonder if puhutko suomeakin means speak Finnish and I unfortunately do not. Swedish yes, Finnish no:)

  4. Great work! I love having a little quilted topper on my table! Have fun in finland!!

  5. beautiful quilts my grandmother was a quilter as well and these reminded me of her

  6. These are so sweet! I am sure they will be treasured. What a fabulous trip, hope you have a blast!! Thanks for linking to fabric Tuesday :)


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