Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Quilt {Michael and Laura}

 My cousin Michael married the lovely Laura (finally!) last month and I wanted to make them something special for their wedding.  I had been hemming and hawing over what pattern I wanted to use but nothing ever seemed to click. Then I had a baby and all plans sort of flew out the window.  As we were about to head to Washington for our marathon family reunion roadtrip (where I'd have access to a long arm machine) I went through some of the quilt tops I already had and found this one.  And I thought, this is perfect.  I'd named the pattern, "tumbling hourglass" with the idea of an hourglass that never runs out because it keeps turning over and over and figured that was perfect for a wedding quilt.  

And who doesn't love a red and white quilt to add a little pop to a living room of a couple just starting out?

My big boy, Carver, was one of the ring bearers in the wedding and was too cute.  It was sort of a little circus getting the kids to walk down the isle and at one point he actually started chasing a butterfly.  It was cute.

I never seem to get around to labeling my quilts (which I know I should do!) but this one I really wanted to make sure got a nice label.  So once life calmed down from all the summer shenanigans I pulled out my embroidery machine and finally got the software installed in my new laptop to be able to use it again and viola!

I think it turned out great and I really hope they like it.

Happy wedding to Mike and Laura!  May this quilt keep you warm and snuggly through a lifetime of happy memories!

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