Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cooking it up {Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwich}

When I was in Finland last year my cousin served me this delicious salmon spreadable stuff that I have not been able to get out of my mind.  We put it on crackers, we put it on baked potato, we pretty much put it on anything.  It was soooooo good.  I asked her how she made it and she sort of shrugged and said she just mixed the salmon with this cream cheeseish/yogurt stuff that came from the store.  She wasn't sure what the American equivalent would be.

So the other day as I was parusing through pinterest (you know how it goes) I saw this recipe for a salmon sandwich and had to investigate further.  I'm always looking for ways to sneak salmon into my diet in ways that doesn't require me to make a whole family sized meal (the hubs isn't too into fish, {sad face})  

After some experimentation with the original recipe I pinned, we have this (which is actually kind of different entirely) and it tastes just like the fish spread I had in Finland.

and it was about the easiest thing ever to make.  Are you ready?

Smoked salmon (good smoked salmon, not that stuff they sell on the tuna fish isle in the store, GOOD really well smoked salmon) and onion and chive cream cheese.

How about that?  I made it in a sandwich today and it was delicious.  I'll be making more.

Here's the recipe for anyone else out there in Blogland that has a hankering for something salmonish and delicious for lunch.

Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwich

2.5 oz smoked salmon (GOOD SMOKED SALMON!)
2 Tbsp onion and chive cream cheese
2 slices dark rye bread
cucumber sliced thin
tomato sliced thin
2 tbs smooshed up avacado
red wine vinegar
black pepper

Warm up your cream cheese in the microwave for 20 seconds or so to make it nice and soft, add salmon and stir together.  Spread mix on bread (toasted if you like) and layer on cucumber and tomato slices and lettuce.  Spread avacado on the other slice of bread and sprinkle a little red wine vinegar and black pepper to taste.

Add to it a side of blueberries and you are ready to pretend you are enjoying a nice summer lunch at your sommarstuga in Nedervetil.


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