Tuesday, August 28, 2012

temporary digs

My husband is taking his boards next month and after struggling all summer to get started on studying he came home from work one day and asked if my feelings would be hurt if he sent us up to my parents for a little bit so he could study undistracted.  Turns out he'd rather come home and play with us than sit down and study the American Pediatric Dental Associations guidelines for treating children.

Go figure.

Being the supportive wife that I am I called my parents who were more than happy to welcome us and my dad even offered to fly down so he could drive up with me so I'd have my van while we were in Washington.
I also figured since I'd be in such close proximity to my favorite quilt shop and rentable long arm for a month I'd bring my need to be finished projects with me and clear out my WIPs.  

So one of the first things I did when arriving was take over my parents' dining room and turn it into a little sewing studio.

I can't say that I've gotten a ton of sewing time in which is surprising since my mom is home all day most days with me and technically could keep an ear and eye on my kids while I sew a little.  But I feel a little guilty showing up and passing my kids off and also this house is way less child proofed than my own (a la pool in the backyard!!!  AHHHH!!!) so I feel like its a little more intense to keep my kids out of trouble here.

I have found some time after the kids are in bed and have made some progress on these two guys.  Four of my best girls are having/have had babies this summer and fall and so I'm in baby quilt making mode. 

The inspiration for these two quilts can be found here and here.  They had been pinned to my pinterest board forever and they seemed like the perfect inspiration I was looking for.

Its hard to be so far from my sweetheart but its been great to spend such relaxed regular day to day time with my parents and to make these memories with them.  And to see my kids explore all the old places I used to play in as a kid has been really cool too.  We take bike rides and evening walks and have been digging in mormor's garden daily.  Its fun.  Now that we're settling into a nice routine here I look forward to spending a little more time in my makeshift studio and finishing up those WIPs.

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