Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For the gardeners

Josh and I have this dream for when we're done with our California adventure to head up to Idaho, buy a couple of acres and grow our kids and our food on our own little mini farm.  We've still got a couple of years of loan repayment to do here in California so until then I'm just studying up for when we can make it a reality.

While here at my parents' house I was looking on the local library's website to find when they might be holding some kids storytimes and noticed that they were having this talk by the author of this book and it started in 15 minutes.  I fed the baby fast and headed over to the library just in time.  She was a great speaker and got me so excited to get home and see what I could plan for the fall in our little growable patch in our backyard.

If you're interested in gardening this is a GREAT book.  Good for the beginner and more seasoned gardener alike, she breaks down lots of different vegies and herbs you can grow and talks about tips to grown and store the food and ALL the edible parts, not just the parts we tend to eat.  She also includes recipes for each of the vegis and herbs she talks about.  She also blogs at about her workings in her own Portland garden.

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