Friday, February 15, 2013


a few weeks before micah was born, asher discovered to my great dismay that he could climb out of his crib.  from that point on he felt that he had no use for naps and thus began a power struggle between him and I that ended with me throwing my hands up in the air and saying, okay.  you're done with naps. i get it. fine.  

about a month ago something started happening in the course of our regular afternoon routine.  a little quiet time on the couch in front of a show usually led to asher falling asleep for an hour or so which led to MUCH more pleasant evenings with a not as wiped out two year old.  and the added bonus of an hour of peace and quiet for mama to gather her thoughts, have a cup of tea and prepare dinner.

with the weather improving around here 
(81 today with a slight breeze and sunny!) 
we've spent our quiet time with the doors open, enjoying the breeze and smell of outside.  I looked over today from my perch in the kitchen and saw all four of my little charges together, enjoying their quiet in their own ways.

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