Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Mini-Quilt

A few months ago I was in my local quilt shop and came across this fabric.  I had been looking for some fabric to make the special "auntie Tyra" quilt for one my my bestie's new baby and when I set eyes on this fabric I fell hard in love with it.

It also inspired me to go out and buy myself a ruffler foot for my birthday.   It is so fun let me tell you.

The fabric design is a log cabin quilt pattern without all the sewing.  I loved it.

But there was also this fabulous yellow fabric that I couldn't say no to.  

I loved the combination of the three of them together.

The final product for my friend's baby will have minky on the back but I wanted to quilt it up just to see it together.  So I'm calling this a mini quilt and a doll quilt and putting it in my etsy shop.

Today I liked up with:


  1. That is just gorgeous! The fabrics are so pretty. Lovely job!

  2. this is such a pretty quilt! I love the log cabin fabric :) the ruffle adds a nice finishing touch, too

  3. Looks even better in person. :)

    The little blanket will be well loved around here - thanks Tyra!


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