Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new year and a new quilt

The other night I stayed up after all my boys were asleep and finished up my red and white hourglass quilt top.

I like how it turned out and sort of wish I'd have finished the whole thing up before Christmas.

It would have been a nice little addition to the decor.  Oh well.  It will be ready for next year.

My intention in designing this quilt was for it to be a wall quilt in my living/family room.  We have this enormous blank wall that I feel needs a little something to homey it up.  I tried to tape it up on the wall to see how it might look but wasn't terribly successful.  I got the basic idea of it and I think it may work. 

We'll see once its all quilted up.  I think I'm going to do straight line quilting on it once I find the right backing for it.  I need a good white fabric with a red print on it. 

Any recommendations?

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  1. I think red and white quilts are so attractive! Yours is quite lovely!

  2. I'm a sucker for red/white quilts. I love how this came out and it will definitely make your wall more homey :o)

  3. I love how you arranged the hourglasses. Cool block effect!


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