Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh hold...

Hey there my friends,

So lately it seems blogging and really sewing for that matter just seem to be far from my mind.  I thought it was just the summer, maybe it started out that way but now, well, we just seem to have other things going on.  You all know how that goes.  My sewing ferver seems to ebb and flow sometimes and lately, its been ebbing.  So rather than be wracked with guilt Saturday mornings when I realize I forgot Finished It Up Friday, I'm just going to say, until further notice, we'll just be doing the random regular blog post as I finish up little projects here and there if I have the energy to get the picture taken:)  For heaven's sake I've had my Cog and Wheel quilt done for a week and a half and just don't seem to ever get the umph to get some pictures taken!


So for now, the boys and I are busying ourselves with homework pages and worm hunting and napping but we'll check in here and there.



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