Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little something for the babe

A while back I made a bunch of numbered onsies to take Asher's picture in each month.  For the last two weeks I've been going crazy because I couldn't find the 10 month onsie and Asher's 10th month was quickly passing us by. 

Then I was going through a drawer in the crafting abyss over here and found the little baggie of my numbers 10-18 months that I never finished.  Makes sense now why I couldn't find it.  I never made it.

So I quickly grabbed one of the 372 white onsies on Asher's changing table and sewed the 10 on lickity split.

Then we had the photo shoot.
Can anyone believe this kid is already 10 (and a 3/4) months old now??  He's such a little joy and I love that he's getting his toddler personality now.  It just gets more fun!

Oh and one more shout out to our friend  
who was our winner for the Marimekko fabric. 
I haven't heard from you and I'd love to get your prize to you. 
If we can't connect I think we'll pick another name to make sure someone gets to enjoy this delicious fabric.
A good time to make sure everyone's profile has their email on it.  No-reply bloggers make it tricky to deliver prizes.

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