Friday, January 28, 2011

Stash Pact 2011

Hello my name is Tyra, and I'm a fabric addict.  I could walk the isles of quilt shops and fabric stores all day and just look at all the beautiful designs and dream of all the endless combinations in endless quilt patterns.  Lets just say its my happy place.
I have a habit of heading to the fabric store with the most innocent of intentions to ONLY buy what I NEED for a project and without fail, I leave with one or two pretty little quarters or half yarders to tuck in these here sturdy totes. 

Am I the only one?

Probably not.  Through three moves in the last four years I've whittled it down but have needed to make the commitment, the stash pact if you will, and really start putting these little pretties to use.

Last night I took that middle tub and spend some time folding and stacking so that everything was right here in my little studio, ready to catch my eye for some special little project.
I really like having everything right here now, next to my sewing machine and ready to go.  It looks so pretty and colorful right?  And that little cutie pie getting ready to taste the blues isn't too bad either.

Asher is quite pleased with mama's progress

We'll make Monday the official stashpact 2011 kick off as we start a year of putting all those pretties to use.......stay tuned

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