Monday, January 31, 2011

So I've officially joined Flikr's Stash Pact 2011 group and I'm excited to get started.

Here are MY official rules/goals:

  1. No new fabric purchases until I can fit my entire fabric stash on my lower shelf in the studio.
  2. Exceptions:
    • Fabric to back quilts
    • small amounts to finish pattern
    • Fill fabric for a pattern BUT ONLY if it is on sale (40% off or better)
    • Finish all my WIP's (works in progress) and no starting new ones until current ones are done (at least the quilt top, quilting can happen whenever)
  3. Design 12 original scrap quilts
So those are my goals.  So far so good.

In other news, the Color Wheel quilt is coming along nicely.

It was a quiet, rainy Sunday yesterday which meant that I spent a little time quilting and even got started on the binding. Whoo hoo!  Can't wait to get this beauty up on the wall.
I quilted it different than what was suggested in the book.  Mostly because I love how a stippled quilt looks and feels and didn't feel like putting in all the work to trace out the lines.
Usually I just use a basting spray to sandwich the layers but this time I decided to pin it with safety pins too.  I know lots of other quilters do this but I have to say, it didn't work out that well and I ended up with a bunch of wonky parts on the back.  I had to stop and pull out the stitches a few times which was annoying because I can't find my really nice, sharp embroidery scissors.  Luckily I found these guys (pictured above) which have an awesome hook thing on the end and that helped.

But it was still annoying.

Anyhoos.  My goal is to finish binding this baby today and then maybe even get it hung tonight after I put the boys to bed!  We'll see...

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  1. This quilt is really great. I want to make one so bad, your photos are good, thanks for posting about it!


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