Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some mama-made pants

Right before Micah was born (as in the night before) I made him some pants to come home from the hospital in.  I LOVE those pants and hate putting him in any other pants.  They are so funky and fun and I love that he is wearing something I made for him.

So recently I noticed that my 13 lb 9 oz giant baby was no longer comfortably fitting into his mama made pants anymore.  He's a big boy now!  So I wanted to make him another pair the next size up. However it is a tricky thing to find time to sew baby pants with two big boys that don't nap and a little baby.  Asher has gotten into this mischieveious phase now where he can open all the baby gates (DOH!) and likes to climb up on the kitchen counter (double DOH!) so he really can't be left unsupervised for long.

But this morning I remembered I had this CUTE cars and truck fabric I had bought from the remnants shelf at Harts a few months ago and somehow the stars aligned and I found about a half an hour before the baby woke up from a nice long morning nap and the big boys were playing happily by themselves in the playroom.  So I made some pants!

These pants are super easy and come from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones.  I think they are going to be my go to pants for this guy.  It doesn't take too much fabric and really, only took about a half an hour.  I LOVE them!  And more than that I love this little guy in them! 

 Look how happy he is in his mama-made pants.

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